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First General Meeting of The Hills of Windridge co-owners

April 29, 2014

A2A successfully conducted the first general meeting of The Hills of Windridge co-owners on 08 April 2014 in Southlake, Texas.

The agenda of the First General Meeting was to vote on seven (7) proposed resolutions related to the management of the development. Prior to the actual meeting, information sessions were conducted by our offices in Asia to brief clients on the resolutions and to provide them the opportunity to cast their votes through a proxy. Over 70% of the co-owners sent in their proxy votes in time for the general meeting.

The meeting was presided by Mr. Jeff Peterson, an Executive Officer of Windridge A2A Developments, LLC. Also present in the meeting were:

– Mr. Jason Toh, A2A’s EVP for Operations, who served as the secretary for the meeting
– Ms. Lyn Eller, an auditor from KHA Accountants and Advisors, PC, who presented the audit of proxies report and Development Plan Verification Report
-Mr. Jeff Tasker of the Tasker & Peterson law firm, who ensured the compliance to Texas corporate regulations and the Restrictive Covenant signed by all Windridge co-owners
-Mr. Allan Lind, A2A’s EVP for Corporate Affairs, who stood in as the proxy for Windridge co-owners
– Mr. Rainer Zimmerman – a Windridge co-owner from Singapore

Jeff opened the meeting by giving a brief overview of the progress of the development project since the project started in September 2011. Shortly after, the resolutions were presented, followed by the tabulation of the votes. All seven resolutions were passed with 99% of the co-owners moving to approve each resolution.

Copies of the minutes of the meeting will be sent directly to all co-owners by 08 May 2014.

The General Meeting is just one of the many initiatives that A2A devised to provide clients better service and greater peace of mind.